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Evidence Beyond Cognition
Tebonin® has a positive effect on mental performance and general well-being. It promotes blood circulation which is critical for maintaining good health. With ageing, many people notice that they are no longer able to cope with stress as well as they did before. They become absent-minded or feel exhausted more easily. Tebonin® can provide effective assistance when typical signs such as forgetfulness and loss of concentration appear. It is also useful for people suffering from neurosensory disorders such as tinnitus and vertigo.

You should consult your doctor if you want to find out more about the causes of diminished mental performance, tinnitus or vertigo.
Tebonin Forte

Active Ingredient:

Patented Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761®
Tebonin® contains Schwabe’s unique and patented Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761®. Since its launch in 1975, EGb 761® has been an outstanding success in many countries. EGb 761® is manufactured in a patented multi-step process. The complex extraction and standardization process ensures that the pharmaceutical quality, efficacy and safety of EGb 761® are constantly maintained.
The intake of Tebonin® is independent of meals.


The normal dosage is 1 tablet daily (morning). For more intensive use, 1 tablet should be taken twice daily (morning and evening)
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Ginkgo Biloba Drug
Mental and Physical Elements of Tension
Medication for Mental Health
EGb 761
Homoeopathic Medicines
Mental Health
Promotes Blood Circulation Medication


1 tablet to be taken twice daily (morning and evening)
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Herbal Medicinal Products
Phytopharmaceutical Product


1 tablet to be taken 3 times daily (morning, midday, evening)
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Traditional Herbal Medicinal
Medicine for Coughs
Men Urinary Flow Medication
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